Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

My love of writing began in the third grade. It continued throughout my school career, writing for each newspaper from elementary through high school, church and other community bulletins. It began as poetry and blossomed metamorphosed became what it is today. The only constant was my family’s support.

I got my first camera at the age of 12. Things were tight back then. My parents were divorced and my mother worked as a waitress. Mostly we lived on welfare. There was no money for film or developing. But occasionally, like my birthday or Christmas I got treated to a roll of 12. I have lots of blurry pictures of my family.

Welcome, the digital age! With child rearing behind me and the technology out pacing inflation I have finally been able to afford to do what I love to do. Write and take pictures.

I find inspiration for both all around me. I am mesmerized by the sky and have to use extra caution when I am driving. I am constantly looking to improve my skills and push myself in both of these passions. But also I want to have fun and keep the JoY in my life.

My fiancé and I live close to Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park. We go there quite often for photos and to reconnect after a stressful work week.

Recently we had this great idea:

I found this mirror at a yard sale for $1.00

A friend had shared the idea of taking pictures of a mirror image and displaying them as a painting. The mirror she used in her example was square and on an easel but I am working within a budget so my $1.00 mirror will have to suffice; for now..

We took it to Skyline Drive to experiment. We leaned it against a rock wall but that was not quite high enough.

We decided to try to get pictures of the tunnel so we propped it against a post.

But that didn’t look quite right either.

So we put it on the tripod.

I told my fiancé “let me take your portrait”.

Then I said ‘Take mine”

It’s a learning experience. Here I learn to turn off the flash.

Here I learn that my fiancé is a bit of a perv and not much of a model.

Yes, we have a lot to learn but it’s the thirst for knowledge, adventure, and fun that inspires us.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

  1. I thought it was a great post – I loved seeing what you were trying to do with the camera. I’m not sure it’s worth the effort, but I’m a firm believer in experimentation. Ya’ never know what works.

    I live just a few hours east of you (small world!).

    Here’s my post from doing the Skyline Drive last year:

    Continue having fun trying things out! I played with night photography last week and it went much better than I expected.



    • You’ve mentioned two of my very favorite places. Harper’s Ferry in which I am busy with an extensive piece that’s gonna take some time. I have great pics to go with it when it’s ready though. And skyline Drive which is one of our favorite places. As a matter of fact I am there right now!
      Look for additions to my Beautiful Skyline Drive album..coming soon! 😉


      • Thanks for that link – I went over to take a look and leave a comment. Those were fantastic!! Definitely we have to start doing Skyline Drive a lot more I can’t wait to see what you do with the Harper’s Ferry pics.


        • Harper’s Ferry is very special to me. The pics are ready, the post is not. I have a lot of research to do yet. So where is it that you live? I couldn’t find that info on your site. If I overlooked it I apologize.


          • Richmond. I try to avoid the personal stuff on my blog as I have subscribers from other parts of the world and identity theft being what it is, etc. I do mention Richmond occasionally but not frequently. I went ahead and “liked” you on Facebook (yesterday) so I can see your pretty pictures. Other bloggers know my full name but I don’t keep out there in public places if I can avoid it.


  2. What an awesome idea! I have used mirrors as props in wedding photography, but never thought to use one in art! This will be my next photo escape project. BTW, I LOVE your $1 mirror. I repurpose stuff all the time and would have jumped on that great by like a frog on a June bug! I perused your photo gallery, great work! I too am a photographer and writer (In my case, photog came first). I worked as a photojournalist/journalist for over 10 years. Now I just enjoy shooting my grands (with the occasional paying job thrown in for good measure).


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