Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection

Every week it seems my hardest task associated with the photo challenges is deciding which picture to use. I most often use several. Last week for Jakesprinter’s Natural Resource Challenge I used a ridiculous 60 pictures! I was determined to keep it down to one for at least this post. But as usual I couldn’t make up my mind so I went to my facebook friends and asked them to pick.

Here is the picture that garnered the most likes. Coincidentally (or not) it also the first picture in the album.

Is it cold when he gets out?

Is it cold when he gets out?

Composition wise I think there were many photographs in this album that were better candidates. I have many with vibrant autumn colors along the shore and others with baby blue skies and fluffy clouds, fringed with the green of spring. There are pictures of sunsets the color of yellow maple reflecting in the Chesapeake Bay and one with a vibrant red building among the yachts that to me is such a stark reflection it draws your eye immediately. That one however did not attract a single “like”.

I have reflections of the moon and buildings that I actually inverted because I thought they were more interesting like that. I have two pictures of the Shenandoah River that are among my favorites. One the river is pink from a sunrise the other an incredible blue from a sunset. I love these pictures and the moments I took them are etched in my mind. I continue to search in vain for another day that brings me back to a place with vivid colors reflecting like that again.

But none of these made the cut to the final one. Only this picture of the lone fisherman was able to do that. Staring at it I can’t help but take a moment to reflect. I hope you will do the same.

Oh and if you’d like to see more of my Reflections and Shadows Collection just visit our facebook page.

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