Much Ado about Valentine’s Day

This post is in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: Shift Your Perspective in which Word Press asks us to speak in the second or third person if we normally write in first person as so many of us do.

Here’s my effort:

They had gotten engaged in November so this Valentine’s Day was their first official Valentine’s as an engaged couple. She had told him “please don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. It’s a made up Hallmark holiday. Some fresh flowers would be nice, you know I love daisies.” And she did love daisies. When he was courting her he brought her some fresh-cut flowers from a street vendor and she loved them. No one had ever done that before except husbands who had been caught cheating and that didn’t really count in her mind. All she wanted was a $20.00 bouquet from the supermarket, she would put them in a vase and enjoy them all week.

She thought fresh-cut flowers in the house were romantic. She daydreamed about the women who had fresh-cut flowers in their homes. The thoughtful women, poets even, who tended their fragrant gardens while forming beautiful stanzas in their heads; or successful business women who had the funds for such extravagances and stopped at the flower shop on the way home from their 9-5 job. She longed to be either of these women, or both. A bouquet of fresh-cut flowers in a vase could make her feel that special.

He was excited about this Valentines Day. He wanted to show her that he loved her more than any woman had ever been loved. He went to the jewelry department of the JC Penney and told the clerk he was looking for something special for his fiancée. The sales woman asked him “What does she like?”

He remembered the last thing she told him “She likes daisies” he said proud that he had been listening. “Well” the clerk motioned for him. “We have some jewelry that resembles daisies”. She pulled it out of the case and showed it to him. “Do you think she will like them?” he asked the clerk excitedly. “She likes daisies, doesn’t she?” answered the bored sales woman. Convinced he bought the earrings and the necklace and had them wrapped. He couldn’t wait to give them to her. She was going to be so happy she would probably squeal with delight and kiss him hard on the mouth. He got really excited thinking about this.

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