How Santa’s Reindeer Got Their Names Chapter 5: Comet

When Comet’s mother was carrying the unborn reindeer her and her new husband were as excited as any two first time parents could be. They had many dreams and expectations for their child. They knew he (or she) would be the smartest, the fastest, and the brightest reindeer of this generation. Of course all their friends who were expecting, their siblings who also had babies on their way and even their cousins (as preposterous as that was!) thought that their offspring were going to be just as amazing.

Comet’s parents read every how to book on pregnancy and child rearing available. They hooked up monitors to Comet’s mother’s abdomen that played their favorite music from the classics Bach and Led Zeppelin. They practiced meditation, exercised, and ate only unprocessed natural foods. They decorated their home with art from local artists, buying within their budget things that were aesthetically pleasing. They volunteered at church although they did so quietly, more often choosing projects which would give them little community glory but much personal satisfaction.
They were without a doubt the most progressive young reindeer couple on the North Pole.

Comet’s father firmly believed they were doing everything they could do make sure their child would be a healthy, successful, well-rounded reindeer. Still he worried that they could be doing more. One night, unable to sleep he went for a walk. He looked into the sky for guidance and saw a beautiful light; a Comet.

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    • Bach and Zeppelin just happen to be two of my personal favorites. I never really thought to make them drunken degenerates (although I am enjoying the other’s take on them). But after my first post one of my readers said he was reading them to his son. I was kind of locked into a clean version after that. lol


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