How Santa’s Reindeer Got Their Names Chapter 6: Cupid

Cupid, born Marybelle, always was a little clumsy and suffered from attention deficit disorder. She would start projects and never finish them, fall in love with new ideas and never master them,forget things, lose things, and was generally known as a scatterbrain.

Her parents loved their only child and were her biggest fans. When she wanted to dance they hired a private coach. When she wanted to play the clarinet they were less enthused and glad when she quickly tired of it.

Still they always supported her every endeavor. In high school Marybelle tried gymnastics but sprained her wrist. She didn’t make the cheer-leading squad but was second string in the 40 member pompom troupe.

She ran for class representative but lost to an exchange reindeer from Antarctica. As a consolation and by default she was rewarded the position of secretary. Marybelle did well in that job but she longed for something more athletic and challenging.

It was then she noticed a bulletin for archery sign ups. She excitedly wrote her name. Marybelle.

She tried her hardest realizing this may be her last chance to exhibit athletic prowess. Her coach appreciated her dedication but after an especially harrowing episode at practice delicately asked her to resign.

She gave up on archery long ago but the name she earned that day is still with her. As the 6th reindeer on Santa’s team hearing the big guy call her name is all the validation she needs.

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7 thoughts on “How Santa’s Reindeer Got Their Names Chapter 6: Cupid

    • Yes, it’s rough to get stuck with a nick name from an embarrassing high school plunder. But being a part of Santa’s team, the ultimate example of reindeer athleticism, is her personal victory.
      And her parents and family still call her Marybelle, you know. 😉


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