I Miss My Mom; She Was So Practical

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I’ve written a lot about my dad who died in February of 2012 after an 18 month battle with kidney cancer. I was there for much of that battle and it’s reflected in my posts, so much so I feel a little guilty. I feel guilty for not giving my mom the attention she deserves in my writing. I was always going to get to it. Maybe today is the day.

Mom has been gone since March of 1994. So long ago but I still miss her as if she had passed last week. The pain has subsided but not a day goes by that I don’t think about her.

It’s especially hard at Christmas time. She loved Christmas and spent most of the year getting ready for it. Between saving her money for it, planning what she would buy, and the occasional purchase, she was all about Christmas, Christmas for her three children. Even now I feel I pale in comparison to the selfless giving she demonstrated to us year after year no matter what her budget allowed. She amazed me the way she could stretch a dollar. But looking back I realize it was because she spent so little on herself.

It’s not just her gifts I miss at Christmastime but boy do I miss them. My mother was very practical and along with a new outfit we could expect a goody box every year that contained things like shampoo, deodorant, and razors; those little things that could eat into a family’s budget. It may sound corny to some but I loved that box the most. It’s what defined her more than any other material gift she ever gave me.

This time of year we would spend at least one marathon day together shopping. My mother never drove so when she lived here in the same little town as I did we would take a day, just the two of us, to take her out to do her Christmas shopping. We would start early and finish late. It was exhausting! But we always ended it eating out some place, a special treat for just the two of us.
Christmas Goody Box
I miss my mom.

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