A Word A Week: (Birthday) Clouds

I’m cheating a little on this week’s http://suellewellyn2011.wordpress.com/a-word-a-week-photography-challenge/. The prompt is Clouds and I posted a piece on my other blog 6 months ago and I am going to bring it over here today. I was wondering how to bring this particular one here since so much has changed in my life since then, namely I am no longer engaged or even in a relationship. But no mind, I am bringing it because it fits the topic Clouds.

Birthday Clouds
Originally posted July 7, 2012 at http://www.lingeringvisions.com/apps/blog/birthday-clouds-1

Anyone that knows me knows that one of my all time favorite things in life are clouds. I love clouds, the fluffier the better. Fluffy white clouds on a sky blue back drop, make me smile from ear to ear. This year in celebration of the anniversary of my forty-ninth birthday my fiancé gave me clouds; and lots of them!

I had flown in a plane one other time but I really don’t remember it. I was 15 at the time and my favorite aunt, my godmother, Aunt Joan flew my sister and I to Tampa so we could visit with her and my cousins in their home in St. Petersburg. I remember going to Disney World but I don’t remember the plane flight, either one of them, at all. My sister doesn’t remember either but she’s younger.

It doesn’t really matter; I don’t think I was aware of my love of clouds at the age of 15.

These days I try to remember everything. Maybe not my grocery or chore list, phone numbers, or people’s names, but experiences I drink in like a glass of fine wine; savoring, swirling, and sipping.

We began planning this trip to Florida soon after my father’s passing in February. I had wanted to go for several years to see that favorite Aunt Joan of mine but something was always stopping me. But for my birthday this year I was granted several stored up wishes, and clouds; lots of clouds, big white fluffy clouds!

His birthday is a month away..it’s gonna be hard to top clouds.

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