If This is the Title: Change

Young Adult/Teenage Fiction

Noah was in the 7th grade. This was the 7th school he had attended since kindergarten. He wished his parents would get their shit together so that he could stay at one school and make some friends. Every school was the same. You had your jocks, your nerds, your shy kids, your bad kids, and your popular kids. Noah didn’t really know what group he fit into. He always tried to get in with the popular kids but that was a hard group to forge. He usually ended up with the bad kids; the kids who always seemed to get into trouble. Some tried to make everyone laugh while others were bullies. Noah thought he was pretty funny but not everyone got his humor, especially the teachers. Most of the time what he thought was funny usually ended him up in the principal’s office waiting for one of his parents to pick him up.

That’s where he was this morning sitting outside the principal’s office thinking about what he had done. When the kid on the playground had said “kiss my ass” Noah dropped his pants and shook his lily-white butt at the bad mouthed kid. “Why don’t you kiss mine” he taunted. The kids thought it was funny. Everybody was laughing, a couple of the girls screamed. At the time he thought “wow they love me” he shook his butt some more and the laughter ensued. And then he heard Mr. Black’s bellowing voice. “Noah Riley pull up those pants and come with me.”

It was like thunder in his ears. He could hear nothing else. He felt his face flush as embarrassment, humiliation and fear engulfed him. He ran to catch up but stayed four steps behind Mr. Black. He caught up with him just outside his office where he stopped in front of one of the waiting chairs. “Put that famous butt in that chair and don’t move until I tell you to.” He said in his thunderous voice. Noah sank in the chair,dropped his head and waited.

An hour later his father came in. He looked at his son “What now boy?” Noah just hung his head as his father continued on into the principal’s office. 15 minutes later his father and Mr. Black emerged. “I can promise there will be a change in his actions” his father was telling Mr. Black “I don’t think you will see this type of behavior again”. I certainly hope not said Mr. Black in what seemed to be a toned down version of his bellowing voice.

“Come on boy” Noah’s father said to him. Noah stood and fell in behind his dad shuffling his feet and hanging his head. “Change” thought Noah. “There is always change in my life. Sometimes I wish things would just stay the same.”


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