Thursday Windows Week 17

This weeks Thursday Windows is the last hosting for Sandra Connor. However she has graciously allowed me to continue with this challenge by hosting it myself. I’m excited and hope I can live up to the expectations already met.

I was in DC over the New Years weekend and was humbled to be standing in the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of the signing of The Emancipation Proclamation. There is no artificial light in the memorial that I could see, although there certainly must be at night. It was a dreary day and I had a hard time getting my pictures to come out bright enough especially in the alcoves on each side that had carved inscriptions of the Gettysburg address and Lincoln’s speech at his second inauguration. Above each of the inscriptions is a mural painted by the muralist from Chicago, Jules Guerin. this artwork is said to graphically portray the principles outlined in his speeches and evident in Lincoln’s life.

I hope you enjoy these window pictures and if you are ever in the neighborhood stop in and visit the Lincoln Memorial. It is very moving and powerful.

And watch this spot next week where we will begin a new journey sharing the windows of our lives.

8 thoughts on “Thursday Windows Week 17

  1. Excellent choice for the windows challenge! I’ve been visiting your blog since I first came across your post at Sandra’s for the windows challenge, and I’ve enjoyed browsing your photos and posts. For some reason though, I cannot “Like” anything here. I’m not sure what the problem is, and it does happen on a couple of other WP blogs. Anyway, I “Like” your blog 🙂 Thanks for taking up the weekly windows challenge, I’ll keep posting photos when I can.


    • What a wonderful thing to say! I am quite flattered. I have had other people tell me about the like button but whenever I try it out myself it works fine. I guess you will just have to comment. my, won’t we become great friends! 😉


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