Thursday Lingering Look at Windows

ATTENTION: If you are just joining our challenge please visit the title page for 2014 here.

I’m excited to host Thursday Look Lingering at Windows a challenge that invites us all to post pictures of windows that we find inviting, curious, or in some way photogenic. I love photography and I love pictures. As proud as I am of my own work most of the time it helps to look at the work of others. Being on WordPress with its huge global reach allows us to see things not normally seen and it allows us to share things from our own world that might be new, different, or pleasing to others. I’m only a Wannabe Photographer but I plan on getting better and better. It’s challenges like these that help to stretch my views when going out to find my own subjects and learn from you when you post yours.

It’s easy to participate in this challenge. Follow my blog to be sure and get any updates and your weekly reminders. Each Thursday morning I will post my own Thursday Lingering Look at Windows then sometime within the week you can leave your link on that post in the comment box. I think it would be most helpful if you could tag your post Thursday Lingering Look at Windows so that we may more easily find and peek at each other’s Windows.

Thanks for joining in the fun, spread the word!


by Lingering Visions

by Lingering Visions

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