Share Your World Week 4

This week Cee has asked us only one question. Name four things on your bucket list if money was no object. All four of my things are about places I would like to go. I’m not a big traveler but that’s mostly because money is an object in my world.

I live in the northern part of Virginia and I have family in the Annapolis area of Maryland, and in Pennsylvania near Gettysburg. I’ve also had the occasion to travel some in the beautiful state of West Virginia, although there is much more I would like to see there. I’d love to go back to New York (I haven’t been since I was a child) and see it as a tourist; The Statue of Liberty, Times Square and the Brooklyn Bridge. (I love bridges!) Another city that beckons me with it’s history, intrigue, and architecture is Chicago; plus I have grandchildren there so Chicago is on the short list.

I have never been to the southern part of my state, except for the capitol when I chaperoned a field trip for my sons 5th grade class; but I don’t count that. The Smokey Mountains are just 7 hours away and they have been on my list since I was a teenager. There are other places like Oregon and California which have been on my list since high school and where I have family I would gladly visit.

But although most of these are likely places I will visit during the rest of my life they are not the four I choose when money is no object. Although quite honestly The Redwoods almost made the list.

My first place to visit would have to be Ireland. My great great great grandfather (among others) came from there and settled near where I live now. I have the Irish blood in my veins, however diluted. I long to see a magnificent meadow of Irish green.

25 years ago this fella (who has long since retired) brought pictures to work of the glaciers and mountains from his Alaska cruise.
Need I say more?

My cousin (the one who lives in Oregon) went to Australia a few years a go for several months She posted quite frequently with pictures and tid bits. I wanna go! But not just to Australia; since this is a money is no object bucket list I want to go deep sea diving along The Great Barrier Reef (with an underwater camera, of course).

And for number four..?? I don’t know, there are just so many choices but you know what, I have to go with Chicago. My son and two grandsons are waiting for me.

Tyler and Allen

7 thoughts on “Share Your World Week 4

  1. Redwoods, Yosemite, Rockies… are majestic! I love, love east, we moved to Texas from PA because of my husband’s job, been 25 years.


    • Oh, I have family in PA near Gettysburg. It’s another one of my favorite destinations. In fact i am headed there in 10 days to spend a weekend with my sister in Gettysburg. Can’t wait!


      • I fell in love with PA, the city, the food, bakery, farm markets, gardens,… Back then, my husband was associated with The Drexel university, We visited Boston, NYC, DC, but, we never made to Virginia. 😕 Thank you for introducing Virginia!
        Two handsome grandsons! I have two grandsons too :), they are 2 and 4.


          • They were in Seattle for years, just moved back to Dallas last month :). My daughter was relocated. It’s 4 and half hour driving from SAT, but better than 8, 9 hours flight with two stops in between.


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