Friday Fictioneers: The Flight

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers where we are asked to write a 100 word flash fiction piece based on the prompt.

This week’s prompt from Rich Voza :100_7227-1_resize

My Story: The Flight

He couldn’t help from feeling guilty. He knew that leaving like this was wrong but he didn’t feel like he had a choice. Steven and Abigail had met on line and fell in love. They talked, text, and emailed several times a day, every day for a year.

Finally three months ago he made a move. He gave up his apartment, quit his job and moved across the country to be with her .

It was wonderful at first but the fantasy and the dreams died a little with every outburst.
He still loved her but he couldn’t live with her.


67 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Flight

  1. Your story is a heart-breaking in its way as mine is. The day-to-day realities of actually living with someone are much different from online or any other sort of communication as he found out.


  2. sigh. that’s reality right there… it’s so sad… but watcha gonna do, right? people need to take risks and just see how it all works out… great story


  3. These types of reality are not reflected in the 120 minutes alotted to television or motion picture love stories. The relationships that continue for years are blessed to have partners interested in making it work.


  4. I like this line: “but the fantasy and the dreams died a little with every outburst.” I think ‘fantasy’ usually clouds perceptions in long-distance relationships. Those involved may only see the good side, without any of the face-to-face outbursts that come with reality.

    Well done!


  5. So often the rush of the getting to know a person better collides with the reality that they are not meant to do so under the same roof.


  6. Dear Dawn,

    I can hear Billy Joel singing “It’s just a fantasy….” as the soundtrack to his departure. Still and all, at least they tried. You can’t get to the position of having to leave without first giving love a shot. Nice story.




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