Travel Theme: Gaudy

For a minute I thought I was going to have to skip this challenge for this week. I just didn’t feel anything I had in my archives was gaudy enough; and where do you find gaudy this time of year in rural Virginia?
We’re rednecks (so to speak) we wear black, brown, and camouflage.

But I spent the weekend with my sister in Gettysburg. She lives near there and I found an awesome Groupon for an affordable mini va-cay. (I love Groupon and Living Social).

Now understand, one of the reasons it was so affordable is because it was a Sunday/Monday in February. They wouldn’t offer these deals in the summer months, probably not even the spring. A lot of the stores, museums, and tourists spots are closed and those that are open are pretty deserted; which is cool.

We had the dining room for dinner completely to ourselves and I am pretty sure I was the only one on my wing of the fourth floor in the hotel. It doesn’t get more secluded or exclusive on my budget than that!

So because so many places were closed I was able to swing a U-bee and photograph this awesome old style (what IS the name of this type of house/architecture, anyway!??) house in downtown Gettysburg.

It originally caught my eye for my own weekly challenge Thursday Lingering Look at Windows and I am sure the rest of the shots will turn up there at some point. But when I got home and back to the blog I was brainstorming about gaudy and then I suddenly remembered; I had seen gaudy and photographed it!
All that was left was to share.

Gaudy in Gettysburg

Gaudy in Gettysburg

This is what I love about these challenges, it opens your eyes even wider to the possibilities and reminds you that this “little hobby” is an *ongoing journey.

* Jakesprinter’s challenge for this week in Ongoing I double tagged this post to meet that challenge as well.

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