Sunday Post: On Going

So yeah, I know I really stretched the boundaries this week. I double tagged almost every post Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post. You might say it was an ongoing joke but I was serious each time I did it.

It began with this week’s Frameable Keeper post. If you have seen the work at Northwest Photography you can understand how I strive to improve my own photography and my ongoing quest to produce photos of beautiful landscapes.

Next I posted to the weekly challenge Home. While editing I came to realize my photography has improved greatly over the last few years and that my curiosity about what I photograph is also part of an ongoing learning experience.

When I posted Travel Theme: Gaudy after thinking I had nothing for it I recognized this “little hobby” of mine continues to give me new perspectives and ongoing pleasure.

On the 12th I posted A Word a Week: Garden. Again I was momentarily stumped but came up with something last minute. While creating this post I came to conceive ways in which I would be able to photograph gardens this summer and continue this ongoing process of improvement.

I didn’t double tag this week’s Share Your World although I could have. I really could have but thought that might be over kill. Ongoing over kill.

But then I turned around and double tagged Friday Fictioneers. I didn’t at first but went back and did it in edit. As much as I love photography and have an ongoing desire and thirst to improve and understand the skills needed to create the images I want to create, my first love is writing. I put it on the back burner for so long I must be diligent about persevering. Ongoing!

I love black and white photography so when a few weeks ago Cee announced a future challenge featuring B&W’s I was ready fairly quickly. The post had been slumbering in my draft folder for over a week. I almost forgot about it until Jake’s challenge. As good as I think I am at the black and white’s I know I can be better. Getting there is ongoing.

So in conclusion I believe I could tag every one of my posts as ongoing. They all relate somehow to my life which is an ongoing journey to improvement, enlightenment, knowledge, and understanding.
Making me a better me is ongoing.


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