Cee’s Fun Foto: Red and White

I have quite an extensive collection of Barn Pictures so it seemed only fitting that I would highlight some of them in a challenge called Red and White ; after all what says red and white better than an all American country side barn?

25 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto: Red and White

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  2. Lovely ! I don’t why.. but I didn’t know or perhaps better to say I hadn’t realised that they are typical American style 🙂 – really nice they are too .


    • Well, you know America is a melting pot of cultures. When people immigrate here from other countries they bring their knowledge, and ideas with them. The barns in Pennsylvania, for instance are very heavily German influenced. But as Americans this type of countryside is what we recognize as open spaces. If you live here in the country these landscapes remind you of home, if you live in a more urban setting it may remind you of simpler times and invoke a romanticism about them.


      • Dawn thanks for that . Yes I can see it makes sense .. I like thinking about romanticism and more simple times 😉


        • I was checking out your blog and see you are from the English countryside. Does it look like this? I’m just a poor hometown girl who doesn’t get away much, certainly not to another country! To say this was Americana perhaps was very arrogant.


  3. Well yes, it can look a lot like this but without the ‘red’ barns as such …yours look very smart there – I guess I’m thinking of dilapidated versions here 🙂 or ones that have now become upmarket barn conversions for living in .
    I think I probably have the best of all worlds here .. in the car it’s 15 mins to the City 5 mins to the town and less than mins walk to the open countryside …


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