Friday Fictioneers: Natural Causes


Photo: copyright-janet-webb

I was walking with my best friend Julie along her newly inherited property. “Oh my” I said, “you’re going to have to tear that old barn down”. “Oh no, I would never do that. My grandfather built that with his own hands. ”
“Yes, but” I argued “it’s old. It looks as though the only things holding it up are those square hay bales; no one even uses the square ones anymore.”

That barn may be old but it’s beautiful. It will come down when a strong wind catches it, like my grandfather, its end will be of natural causes.

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62 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Natural Causes

    • Thanks. I actually photograph barns and we have a lot of them here so it really wasn’t much of a stretch. The intriguing thing about this picture is the new looking fence about against the dilapidated barn.


  1. You can tell the love the grand daughter has for all things connected to her grand father. She is unwilling to change the details if they change her perception of him.


  2. I enjoyed it, Dawn. We have an old house on our place that’s been used for storage since the 1950s. I’m almost scared to go in for fear it will collapse. Some day it will die of natural causes.


  3. Loving an object for the man who made it is something we all do and this captures this slice of human nature very believably. Great work, although – and I do not usually offer criticism and I am only doing it here because I like this story so much – I would have place the explanation at the end as part of the conversation; but that’s just me.


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