Don’t Make Me Go All Taylor Swift on You!

Poor Taylor Swift. She’s getting a bum rap these days. If you have been living under a rock the last few years and don’t know who Taylor Swift is, let me introduce you. Taylor Swift is a lovely young lady who broke on to the music scene a few years back with her version of bubble gum country. All the teenage girls squealed and because she is so doggone cute all the teenage boys squealed too, albeit privately in their showers.

She was made even more famous in 2009 when Kanye West showed his true colors at the VMA awards.     I’m not sure if this was a publicity stunt or just West being his ignorant arrogant self. I choose to believe the latter, but although it was embarrassing for Taylor and Beyonce, for that matter; in the end it garnered Taylor so much press, publicity, and sympathy for being picked on it probably boosted her exposure.

Swift, although only a mere 24 years old has been through the gamut of famous boyfriends . I’m not sure why she can’t maintain a relationship but I am not sure why I can’t either so let it be known I am not throwing stones!

In fact I can relate to Taylor on a couple of levels. Her talent and her love life seem to be colliding these days. Taylor, it seems has been making a living writing and singing about her numerous relationships that have gone south. So much so that this has become her story, more than the music itself.

I  am going through a rather nasty break up myself these days and although I thought the worst was over it reared its ugly head again this week.

As an artist like Taylor  (I know that’s  a stretch but this is my blog so I am going for it)   I too was overcome with  the need to write about it. But I backed down. I shook it off. However it remained in my arsenal to threaten my ex ..”Don’t make me go Taylor Swift on you” I thought.  I held that one back too. For one, I am not even sure he would know what it means.

And then I thought…has that phrased been used? I haven’t seen it…yet…

That’s it!..I am posting…and for the VERY few of you who actually read my posts…remember you saw it here first. THIS is … my 15 seconds of fame…(because in this fast paced cyber world we live in today 15 minutes have been reduced to 15 seconds).

I mean no disrespect Taylor; we have a lot in common, except for your youth, money, appearance, celebrity, etc.  Somehow I feel this camaraderie  allows me to exploit you; that and my anonymity. If I have hurt you in any way I am sorry. Please feel free to write about it and tag this post if you like. It’s only fair and I deserve it.

Me and my first hubby circa 1989

Me and my first hubby circa 1989

Me and hubby number two 1996..or so

Me and hubby number two 1996..or so

Never married.

Never married; phew…that was a close one!

And so to my exes out there, especially that last one…beware…back off.. “Don’t make me go all Taylor Swift on you”.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Make Me Go All Taylor Swift on You!

  1. Girl, I feel ya. Read my FF offering, The Madness of a Woman Seduced. I included the video Trouble by Ms. Swift. I can’t stand much of her music, as she kinda sucks. But that song, for that story was very appropriate. I’m sorry you’re dealing with a nasty break up. I hope you get better soon. Watch out for sliver tongued devils in the near future. They do nothing but bring more heartache.

    Love, Renee


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