Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

I’m a little late with this challenge but I have struggled with it all week. I knew the direction I wanted to go in with the word Forward but I didn’t know which picture(s) to use. If you have read any of my recent posts under The Ups and Downs of My Life you know I have been struggling with the break up between myself and the man I was engaged to be married to.

Recently we tried being ” just friends” and things were going along wonderfully, or so I thought, until he exploded during another particularly rough week in my life. I won’t go into details. (Or Go All Taylor Swift about it) but I have to honest with myself.

For my own emotional, mental, and physical (because stress wreaks havoc on the physical) health, and his, I am going to have to face the possibility that I need to move Forward with my life without him being in it in any capacity whatsoever.

Here it is the 1st of March, dreary and cold. The date is the only thing that allows for any promise of spring. That and these beautiful pictures (we) took last year along a locust lined road.


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