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One of my very favorite blogs is Where’s My Backpack. Ailsa tells wonderful stories of her fascinating travels that I guarantee you will love. Check out her Epic Adventures for pure entertainment or if you just want to know about this week’s challenge you can click here. But for some real Irish inspiration there is no better place to go than here. Did I tell you I love this blog?! If you like to travel or dream of it you will enjoy it too.

So now, for my own green.

I have had some pictures languishing in my edits folder since last September. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know, that happens sometimes. I got to looking at them one day last week and when I saw the travel theme green I remembered them. This was September but it was as green as May.

But first a message from our sponsor.

LV I Blessing(c)

One of the things I truly miss about my ex was his spirit of adventure. He loved his maps and picking a road to explore. He would relish in the photo ops I was able to find and beam as though he had put them there himself.. In that respect we made a good team. It’s too bad you can’t bottle the good stuff.

I thought this sign was amusing. Coming from a small town I can almost remember how at one time it would have been relevant. People today; even in my small town would undoubtedly laugh at this; I only giggled.


The odd thing about this town was we came through on a Monday about 4 PM, there might not have been a lot of action but you would think there would be some given school had probably just let out. But we never saw a soul. Not a soul.


Anyone that has been following my blog or photography for any length of time knows that I love love love bridges!

When we came upon this little town (and I don’t even know what the name of it was) and this spot with three…count ’em…three bridges…well I was a very happy photog, to say the least.

I suppose this bridge was from days gone by. It didn't cross over anything and it didn't really cross TO anything. There were no signs ..or people to ask.

I suppose this bridge was from days gone by. It didn’t cross over anything and it didn’t really cross TO anything. There were no signs ..or people to ask.

Cement bridges are not my favorites but you can’t beat the beautiful view it frames.


This was the real draw…a wooden bridge. These have my heart.


But the main purpose of this post is to show some green; so let’s do it!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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