Fellow Bloggers..Has This Ever Happened to You?

In December, my second month blogging here at wordpress I took part in a 9 day Christmas Challenge sponsored by Blogdramedy.

I kept to a certain theme each day explaining how each of the 9 reindeer got their names. Although my blog is primarily a picture blog I found myself short on reindeer pictures so I went to the web for clip art and cartoons.

One of my favorite entries, Cupid, is based on a cartoon I have used on my facebook page for years, mostly on Valentine’s Day not Christmas. You can’t see the cartoon on my blog anymore because the owner wrote me and asked me to either remove it or pay $12.00 for the upload.

Like I said, I have had this cartoon, and others for that matter for quite some time. I got a bunch of them when I subscribed to Reader’s Digest years ago. Probably before there were the safety measures there are today to stop people from “saving image as”…

Glen Le Lievre, the artist, wrote to me, or his agent, or his secretary, or his wife, or maybe it was his bot, I don’t know who; but he scared me and I took it down. I’m not cheap. I’m poor and told him it was not cost effective to buy the cartoon. Although if you want you can see it, and buy it, here:


Of course I do not have a problem with this because I would certainly want someone to pay me for my images. (They are all for sale, by the way, drop me an email and we will work something out).

More than anything I was embarrassed and felt like I had been caught with my hand in the cookie jar, to say the least. I apologized, tried to explain, and took it down immediately.

I will be very cautious in the future and shy away from any and all “art” whose permission to use I do not have.

I am disappointed he didn’t comment on my story. 😉

3 thoughts on “Fellow Bloggers..Has This Ever Happened to You?

  1. Never happened to me, but I’ve always been afraid of it, so I try to grab only free licensed images and add a note with credits or copyright notice to the owners. That, btw, made me realize that even though I added the credits to the image I use as my background, we can’t really see it. hum… guess I’ll change it to make it more visible


  2. What a shame. Lots of bad publicity on part of the company … I try to use only public domain images but sometimes it’s hard to find good images. Which is why Wikipedia is good … and wikipaintings. 🙂 I’ve been drawing pretty heavily on them. I’ll have to remember to tell everyone to avoid cartoonstock.


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