Weekly Writing Challenge: Iconic

Here in Strasburg Virginia there are many things that could be considered iconic. I think it would just depend on your perspective. For instance if you give your service to the Volunteer Fire Department you may think an engine from Company 51 is iconic.

Iconic(w)# (9)

Or if you come from a sports family you may think that the (town) famous Glen Proctor field named for our former local football coach who gave us 300 wins in his 40+ years is iconic.

Iconic(w)# (3)

Some may think that the Ram by the athletic fields is icon enough to represent our town.

Iconic(w)# (5)

For the citizens who claim to bleed purple (our predominant school color) the purple and white street signs could be their icons.

Iconic(w)# (6)

Can a piece of a hill be an icon? I think it can in this town. Signal Knob
overlooks our schools, our homes, even our cemetery. It’s a beautiful peak that is rich in history as well. And we Virginians love our history.

We also love our river, although granted we share it with many other towns in the valley, none of them have quite the same view we do.

The Shenandoah River seemingly flowing to Signal Knob.

The Shenandoah River seemingly flowing to Signal Knob.

How many summer days have we spent in this river or on this iconic bridge, more commonly known as “The Swinging Bridge”? I know plenty who see this picture and it reminds them of the happiest times of their youth. How iconic is that?

Iconic(w)# (17)

But for me, the one structure that stands above the rest (except for maybe that mountain peak) is not purple but blue. Like a lighthouse in a storm (as sung by Jason Aldean) our water tower is iconic.

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