Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

When I was a small child my parents bought a house in a new community known as Maryland City. I don’t know how long we lived there but it wasn’t long. My parents were a young couple with at least one young daughter. I am not sure if my sister, who is three years younger than me ever lived there. My father was working two jobs, as he did most of his life and was rarely home. My young mother felt cut off from the world. The area was very rural in those days and the new telephone system required long distance charges to call anyone in her family. She was scared,lonely, and unhappy so my parents took a loss on the recently purchased house and moved.

When we got to be a little older my dad would drive by the house some times and point it out. I remember it was green. A pretty green.

A few months ago I was on my way to Gettysburg for a weekend trip with my sister when I spied a lovely little green house on the side of the road. It reminded me of that house I lived in briefly, although I honestly do not know if this is the same green or not. But since I do not know, I decided that it is. I think it is a very pretty color and this is how I remember the house I do not remember.

Maryland City green

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