A to Z Challenge: April 11th- J is for Jonquils and Narcissists

This is starting to get hard now. I’ve racked my brain trying to figure out what J is for. I’ve got pictures of some kids jumping on a bouncey thing I took at a farm last year…somewhere. I was going to blog about jumping to conclusions but its too deep for the middle of the week.

Spring has finally arrived so I thought maybe I would find some flowers. I looked to see what flowers begin with J and jonquils came up. Hmm..”what do they look like?” I wondered. I did a Google image search. Turns out they look a lot like my daffodils I just posted in the Travel Theme Post, Pale. Uh oh..did I identify the wrong flowers?

I went to the experts…the folks at the nursery. My first stop the woman had never even heard of Jonquils. I’m no horticulturist (not even close) but I had at least heard of jonquils. Next I stopped at a smaller shop where a young man about my age was a wealth of information.

It seems the daffodil and the jonquil are from the Narcissus family. I was going to make a narcissistic joke about how Jonquils and daffodils thought they were all that but I didn’t think I had the right audience so I just listened. Still I was curious about the word by now and after some investigating I am convinced they all have the same origin.

A few days ago I learned something new about daffodils and now about I have learned about jonquils. I don’t know if you guys are learning anything, it could be y’all already know this stuff; about psychology and Greek mythology and flowers, but it’s new to me and that’s a reason to JUMP for JoY!

Jonquil(w) (2)

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