A to Z Challenge: April 16th N is for Norma

My mother’s name was Norma Cecilia, not Norma Jean like she would tell fellas in the local pubs when they asked. She told me how she would say it too; in a breathy cooing voice like Marilyn Monroe did on the silver screen. She was definitely her idol as a young woman. I get a kick out of thinking about it and picturing my mother as a young sexy woman flirting her pretty little arse off. No doubt my charming father thought he had won the prize when she agreed to marry him. I wish I had known them then.

I don’t have a lot of posts about my Mom or pictures of her. She passed in 1994;long before the advent of digital photography. She never liked her picture taken much (my sister acts just like her) but I believe if I had had digital back then I could have gotten a few shots. It might have pissed her off but that would have been part of the fun. Gawd I miss my mom!

Mom and Grandma on her wedding day 1959

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5 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: April 16th N is for Norma

  1. What a wonderful photograph to have as a memory. I miss my mom too. Her name was Allie Sylvesta. She passed away in 1993. Our mother’s sounded a lot a like. She would always run and hide from the camera and as a result, I really don’t have any good pictures of her. She used to tell me about her poodle skirts and saddle locks shoes and the sock hops she went to. She had a boyfriend before my dad and after all there years of being married she couldn’t mention him without my dad getting jealous all over again…true love. So she would tell me her stories when dad wasn’t around. I loved picturing my pretty mom as a teenager having fun with her friends and getting attention from the boys. Again, such a beautiful photograph, capturing such a happy moment. Cherish the memories and thanks for sharing your mom’s memory with us.


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