A Word a Week: Dawn

Most people will blog about sunrises this week when they take on A Word a Week’s Challenge: Dawn. I would too, I love sunrises but I gotta be different and this week it’s easy to do since my name is Dawn.

It wasn’t going to be Dawn in the beginning. My parents wanted to name me Roxanne but, as the story goes, the priest talked them out of it. He said it sounded like a stripper.

Now we can sit here and scrutinize and analyze how a priest came to associate the name Roxanne with a stripper long before The Police did but I have too much respect to do such a thing, and honestly I love my name. I always have. I know plenty of kids growing up that were always trying to change their name, give themselves nicknames, or use a middle name; even a surname. Not me. My name is Dawn. When I was in my 20’s and 30’s I wore that name like a moniker as egotistically as Madonna and Cher.

Dawn. That’s me.

Are there others?

My brother and sister in turn were named Deanna and Dean, so we had a theme. If my name had been Roxanne I don’t know who my brother and sister might have been, certainly not Deanna and Dean.

That priest knew what he was doing and what he was saying when he advised my parents that day; unlike so many others who have proved to be so less competent. Praise the Lord!
~ Dawn

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