Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

I keep thinking about this post and mulling it around in my head. In the fall we did posts about changing and at the new year we posted about renewal, which to me is change. Each time I talked about my new life and the adventure I have planned for myself. I talked about the future as a single woman and how I expect to remain one for the rest of my life. That hasn’t changed. Oh and before you go feeling sorry for me let me assure you this is by choice.

So what has changed? Well nothing, and everything. I’m still breaking away from my ex. I don’t know why it takes so long but it does. I’m still working on all the things I outlined in my earlier posts in the fall and in January that hasn’t changed but it has. Everyday is a new day for me. Every day brings a new realization, a new connection, or the decision to end one finally. Every day I pick up my camera and get my own sense of renewal that changes my outlook, changes my demeanor, changes my perspective, often most importantly; changes my attitude.

This past weekend I spent time with cousins I barely knew before we took this time to be with each other. I can’t tell you what it meant to me to be with them just for a few hours. They were basically strangers, its true but they are blood and you never have to put on a show or fake it when it comes to blood. You might think you do but you don’t. Or you shouldn’t have to. I didn’t and it was the most fabulous Sunday I have had all week. I hope we get a chance to do it again soon. Getting to know you is a nice change.

Its part of my list, to spend time with quality friends and with family.

Come to think of it I am glad we have this challenge because it was time to review this list of mine and see how I am doing. I see I have a lot of stepping up to do. I’m gonna have to get my azz in gear.
Now that would be a change! 😉

Aren't they beautiful? It runs in the family, you know.

Aren’t they beautiful? It runs in the family, you know.

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