A to Z Challenge: April 18th- P is for Power!

I recently had another run in with my ex (I know I know…when will I learn?) A favorite quote paraphrased from a friend (you can find it on My Favorite Quotes Page) reminds me in times like this about giving someone else the power to make me feel bad. I only wish I had remembered it last night before I cried myself to sleep; again. But a good thing, once I was asleep I slept like a log! As sad as it sounds to cry yourself to sleep, sometimes it may be good for you, however I really don’t want to make habit out of it. So I shake it off and post about Power. Check out these quotes, the words aren’t mine but the pictures are. Click on each one to see the full text.

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10 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: April 18th- P is for Power!

  1. Just thought I’d let you know, I understand those feelings too and speaking as just one person to another, I think you’re pretty cool, exactly the way you are. The “You” of it all. And I know a lot more do also, just wanted to let you know that. You aren’t ever alone. There are many who understand and are right there with you. xx


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