A to Z Challenge: April 19th- Q is for “Quaint”

I put the word “quaint” in quotations because my dad would always say this word in a funny voice whenever we visited some place that fit the description. If he would have gone with me to Staunton he would have no doubt labeled it “quaint” and the same could be said for most of the places I visited during my trip. I am a suitor of “quaint”.

Last month I took an over night trip to Staunton Virginia. I’ve already blogged about it’s windows and its art . The dictionary defines quaint as attractively old-fashioned with a charming old-fashioned quality. Under this definition quaint is rampant. Many of the small towns that comprise the Shenandoah Valley strive to be quaint. Some do a better job of it than others.

Our small town is currently undergoing a makeover to get on the quaint bandwagon. They have cut down many of the beautiful pear trees that line the main street through our town to make way for bump outs and benches. They work from 5 pm to sometime in the morning and right now it’s a dirty dusty nuisance but a necessary one. As a pursuer of quaint I am excited to see the path our town is on. There are too many empty storefronts on King Street and people need to realize that the corner hardware store, the newsstand, and the mom and pop grocery stores are gone for good.

We have an excellent location to invite other pursuers of quaint to visit us but it’s going to take time, money, and a willingness to change.

Fingers crossed.

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