A to Z Challenge: April 22nd- S is for Strasburg Virginia

I had an entirely different post in mind for the letter S (I was going to do Steeples) but when the Word Press Photo Challenge Up came out, that all changed. I am glad because S should be for Strasburg. It’s the town I live in and work in. I complain about it sometimes, lament on being “stuck” here, get annoyed by the politics and cliques that are heavily ingrained here. I’ve lived here all my adult life having moved shortly after high school with my first husband.

My children all went to school here. My oldest played baseball for the little league for most of his child hood. My daughter was a girl scout and I the leader. My youngest, played football and wrestled in high school. This is my home, my community.

I met my second husband here; fell in love with his family and deeply in love with him. For many years, even after our divorce I was part of that family.

My own family lives a few hours away in different directions depending who we are going to see. My oldest children have moved far enough that I don’t see them at all.

Only my youngest, is still here with me. I don’t think he will leave this county, this is his home.

I talk about moving away all the time, especially in the winter. I told my best friend last week I was thinking of going to South Carolina. “Oh, that’s good, we can live near my sister” she said. I love her.

And my town.

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13 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: April 22nd- S is for Strasburg Virginia

  1. It looks very nice, but I know what you mean. Politics. Cliques. Boo! I love Cristina’s. What is that? And the house that’s half way sided/painted (?). The railroad tracks – always love those. Great stuff, Dawn. Our final destination is South Carolina too. See you there!


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