A to Z Challenge: April 27th- X Marks the Spot

This X post is the hardest yet. I batted around the idea of posting about my Exes but they have already gotten more attention than they deserve in my satirical piece Don’t Make Me Go All Taylor Swift on You.
Or the more somber Relationships are Hard

The term X Marks the Spot kept coming back to me. I thought “what does that mean?”

There was a time in my life when I was so in love with the people in it, the man, the children, that I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else but where I was at that moment. But my life has changed over the years. The children are grown and pursuing lives of their own. I still of course, love them dearly but they are not the circle of my universe they were when they were small and needed me to care for them; and as for the men; pfft. 😉

I am a terrible procrastinator, no wait, I take that back, I am actually a very skilled, practice makes perfect, procrastinator.
I have reached what is probably the last quarter of my life; there is no more time for procrastination. But how do I rid myself of a lifelong habit? One thing is for sure, it’s not by standing still.

So the X that marks my spot must be portable. I don’t have time to stand still in one spot.
I’ll take my X to go, thank you.

I'm such a goof, this is supposed to be me taking my "X" to go. Time constraints were also not in my favor.

I’m such a goof, this is supposed to be me taking my “X” to go.

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