A to Z; The Aftermath

Well there you have it; the month-long A-Z challenge gone in the blink of an eye. A post everyday for the month of April except for Sundays (although twice I accidentally posted on Sundays). It was a lot of fun, really. It kept me very busy, it kept me very blogging and mindful of blogging. I wouldn’t want to have to keep up that pace forever but I got a lot out of this month.
It went by pretty fast as all months seem to do these days.

I met some other really cool bloggers during this challenge. I began to bond with the beautiful woman at Grace and Candor at A but especially so when we shared memories of our mothers at N.
If you only read one of her posts you must read Painful Wedding Proposal it will make you laugh and cry and laugh till you cry.

Early on I discovered Deena, a child of the 80’s with a love of music like a child of; well any other generation.
I am slightly older than her but I can relate to most of her posts. She’s a big U2 fan, a lot of people are but not me. I don’t hold this against her though because her tastes vary from A to Z; her hook, as far as I was concerned was at E when she reminded me of a young raw Eminem whose music I grew to love and respect. Don’t let that scare you away if you are not a fan. She loves Elvis, Nirvana, and Johnny Cash too. This gal is my kind of music lover.

I also “met” another funny blogger in Janice Heck . Her informative posts center around cats and grammar. I really don’t understand why she doesn’t have more followers, I mean cats are very popular. 😉

I think the best part of this challenge was learning that there are people outside of wordpress, aka my friends and family who actually read my stuff. They may not comment here, or even on facebook but when I see them IRL, they say things like:

You didn’t know Jonquils were daffodils? If you want to know anything about flowers, next time, ask me, I love to garden”.

Don’t get so Irritated with your sister, I don’t like my picture taken either!

“I love your X to go!” “You are so creative!”

“Your Strasburg post was awesome” “I’m so glad you included the old graveyard where my grandfather was a caretaker”

I was especially surprised at how Powerful my P post was. It amazes me how words can inspire.

I learned a few things too, not just from the online or in person comments but through investigation. I mean some of these posts were ready from day one like W is for Waves but others took some foot work, some googling, and some finding the right shots, I mean it is a challenge after all.

I have met some other new friends at Little Dogs Laughed and the talented one at Photography Journal who along with some more established “friends” here at word press have given me incredible amounts of encouragement that I would only expect from my loved one. This whole experience has left me feeling blessed.

Would I take part in this challenge again? Absolutely…next year. In the meantime, I am taking another recess!

My parting shot ;)

My parting shot 😉

8 thoughts on “A to Z; The Aftermath

  1. Thank you for including me as well in your wrap up! This is nice. I may have to copy you and share some of the blogs that I really enjoyed on this challenge, yours included. I shared your comments with my husband. He told me to tell you he laughed and cried too when he read my blog thinking back on the memory. He said he wouldn’t change a thing. I said I hope you’re talking about the way I told the story and not what happened! He laughed some more and walked away with a wiry grin on his face. I knew what he meant but he thought it was fun to tease me and leave his comment open to my interpretation and opinion of his character.


  2. Wow, I was reading along and found my name in your blog. How thoughtful. Yes, people do like cats more than grammar! It is my goal to at least get a little equality going there! Looked through your photos and loved them. Found a Strasburg photo. Is that PA?


    • Nope, Strasburg Virgina. That’s where I live. I want you to know I think your grammar posts are informative and necessary and I hope I didn’t offend you by making light of it. I like your blog and I am glad A to Z brought us together 🙂


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