Sunday Post: Attraction- Devil’s Den, Gettysburg PA

Since my kids are grown and for the most part moved on I don’t go to many attractions in the sense of the word that I used to think of attractions. No amusement parks, few zoos, or even aquariums, although if I had more time I certainly wouldn’t mind visiting the latter two. These days my favorite attractions center around history, art, and culture. My favorite attractions are museums, monuments, and battlefields. It should be no surprise then that I am featuring The Devils Den as the star of this challenge suggested by Jakesprinter.

The Devil’s Den is part of the Gettysburg Battlefield. It is several boulders and rocks that were once used as cover by both sides of the civil war. It sits below Little Round Top to the northeast and Big Round top to the southwest where a permanent statue of Stonewall Jackson presides looking over the valley.

It’s a cool place to absorb some history for us older folks but while in Gettysburg it’s a great place to take younger kids to run, climb, jump, and let their imaginations soar!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Attraction- Devil’s Den, Gettysburg PA

  1. I loved Gettysburg! My hub and I went horseback riding through some old battlefields when we were there. It was such a fabulous weekend. I also walked into the men’s room at a restaurant, but that’s another story for another day. 😉
    Nice attraction.


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