Friday Fictioneers :Last Call for Wake Up

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers where each week close to 100 people participate in a flash fiction challenge based on a photo prompt.

This week’s photo ~ Copyright: Ted Strutz


And now my 100 word story:

I’ve worked at this bar for fifteen years now; every Friday night, lots of Saturday nights too. Everyone hates working weekends but if you are a bartender, it’s what you do. It’s how you make your money, good money too, but it comes at a price.
I don’t know maybe I am just burned out, maybe this is temporary , maybe it will pass but I am tired of working the weekends. I’m tired of working nights. I’m tired of the drunks, the rude and lewd comments; the women who look down on you from their stiletto heels.
I’m tired.

50 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers :Last Call for Wake Up

      • I think that it takes a certain kind of person to be a successful career bartender (or waitress). Of course, the same holds true for any job, but someone who’s in contact with the public all the time (and in the case of a bartender, an often inebriated public), has to have a certain something to enjoy it.

        As for working part of the weekend, I imagine that wouldn’t be enjoyable. My dad worked half a day Saturday his entire working life and not only did it cut into his weekend, but into our family time as well. Do you have a day off during the week?

        Enjoy your Friday!



  1. i liked that you wrote about the woman on the photo, yes she does look kinda tired. i guess it could be a fun job when you’re young but 15 years, whew.


  2. Awww. You know she’d throw it off and find a new life if she wasn’t so worn down by the drudgery.


  3. While I’ve never been a ‘mixologist’ – I have been in retail – similar, and oh, so very happy to not be anymore…

    Thanks for your visit to ‘Mrs. Peacock…”
    (I actually posted a second piece this week too…as not everyone is into continuing stories.)


  4. ANy position can wear you down over time. Even if you have a rosy attitude about it there will always be negatives that can overwhelm even the most optimistic soul.


  5. I’ve never worked in a bar, but I occasionally had to work on Saturdays. I hate the feeling of only having half a weekend, too soon it’s time for work again.
    You portrayed the feeling of tiredness perfectly, with life, with the attitudes of customers, well done


  6. This story feels true, I can understand how the bartender would feel tired after working all those weekends with all those drunks. Great writing to convey this tiredness.


  7. I think everyone gets tired if they worked a job for that long. But bartending has to be right up there. Nice story.


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