Through the Door into 1999

This is a work of fiction prompted by the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge.

I walk through the door and see my ex-husband asleep on the couch. It’s a scene I well remember, a position that is etched in my mind forever. Something is strange. He looks so young. Where is Andrew, I think in a confused state of panic and then I feel him rush by me, and glimpse that soft tousle of blond just above my knee.

He leaps onto his step father in a wrestling move they have practiced many times. I hear the man I used to love groan when the weight of my six-year-old lands on his belly and I can’t help but giggle a little.

I remember how much he loved him, like me. There used to be a lot of love in this house. I look in the mirror and see my younger self. Is this my chance, I think? The one I have dreamed of and fantasized about so many times; the chance to do over and know what I know now. Could it be?

Confused I look around and my head starts racing. I feel a kind of euphoria and I start making plans. They are the same plans I have today but now I get to start 10 years earlier. A smile forms on my lips and I look at my husband. His beautiful green eyes are clear like they once were and he smiles back at me. His arms reach out and I suddenly feel his embrace. I had forgotten how strong he was and how good his arms felt around me.
He pulls me close and kisses me. “I’ve missed you” he says.

For a moment I am lost in the irony before I think “Maybe this time it will be different”.

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