Sunday Post: Mother’s Day

I spent this mother’s day weekend with my sister, brother, and their families. None of my kids were with me as they are older but my niece and two of my nephews who are all under age were there. It was interesting in that I got a chance to observe being a mom rather than being one. From what I observed, it’s a tough job.

First and foremost my sister’s oldest child, who is 30, had a massive heart attack the Tuesday before mother’s day so she has been at the hospital and dealing with him and the inevitable emotions that are caused by such an event in a person’s life as young as he is. She debated; she said whether to come on this trip we have been planning for months in light of everything that has happened. In the end she decided to join us as the distance away from her son was the same here in Harper’s Ferry West Virginia as it was if she had stayed home.

Both my sister and my sister-in-law have 14-year-old sons. Anyone who knows anything about 14-year-old boys knows they must be watched and monitored fairly consistently. I mean it’s not like having a 4-year-old but here we have two boys in the midst of adolescence, cousins and best of friends from birth and thick as thieves. They are good boys but they are two 14-year-old boys.

From our campsite flowed a steady stream of correction, advice, and admonishments from the mothers. When one of those children called both mother’s snapped to attention.
They seem very well trained.

Brett and Zac riding their bikes in Harper's Ferry

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