Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

I was ready for an Escape by Sunday after a self-imposed isolation the previous few days..

I was due to meet a friend from high school at a winery about an hour from my home but closer to hers. We met at The Winery at Bull Run at 2 pm. My friend Linda and I have known each other since high school. We don’t see each other as often as we like but do the best we can considering our schedules. It had been about a year since we saw each other. This used to bother me but any more the years go by so quickly we easily pick up where we left off each time. Fortunately there is email, texts, and facebook to help fill in the gaps.

It was a cloudy day that threatened of rain but it never did. We each got a glass of red wine. She the Petit Verdot and I the Merlot (but of course, right? ;))

We got a crusty baguette and a yummy spread made with black olives and feta cheese. There was live music playing, soft laughter from other tables, and a nice breeze. We ate, chatted, and sipped. After about an hour we were caught up and our glasses empty. We toured the vineyard then later went to a Thai restaurant for “dinner”. Neither of us were very hungry after eating the baguette so we shared appetizers. More than anything we just weren’t ready to part company.

For me, it was a perfect escape. Thanks Linda, see you soon.

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