Friday Fictioneers: Trust Me

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers where each week close to 100 people participate in a flash fiction challenge based on a photo prompt.

This week’s photo ~ Copyright Janet Webb


And now my 100 word story:

“Are you sure this is safe?” Amanda whispered fearfully.
“Trust me” Jessica assured her younger cousin while gently easing her out the window. “I do this every Thursday night when Mom goes to bed early. As long as we are home by 2 am when she gets up to go to work, no one will ever know”.

“Why is that dress there?” Amanda asked as they crept down the fire escape?
“I don’t know” Jessica said while watching out for nosey neighbors. “Just keep moving. Once we get to the party you will forget all about being scared. Trust me”.

45 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Trust Me

  1. I always worry when people say, “Trust me” or when they start a sentence with, “Honestly…” It usually downhill (or in this case, down the fire escape) from there.



  2. So this is how it’s done! 😉 Greetings from the girl who accidentally did the wrong writing prompt.

    I really liked yours! I agree with Janet that “Trust me” is a phrase that always makes me nervous in fiction. For a second, I thought one of them was going to end up losing her dress while trying to sneak out and I grew concerned about the impending embarrassment. Haha.


    • I’m afraid my imagination doesn’t stretch that far Amanda but thanks for the props. Truth is I was confused about the prompt also. I did not realize it was a dress until after I posted mine and started reading the others. I thought it was a bag. I could not for the life of me figure out what kind of bag or why it would be hanging there but that’s what I thought. Originality Amanda asks “What is in that bag?” After reading a couple I came back and changed it to “Why is that dress there?”
      If I had realized it was a dress my story probably would have been totally different. So you see, we have something in common. 😉


  3. That dress is there for a reason. I think it will be gone when they get back, and they’ll be worried sick that mom will be in it, up and waiting on them (but maybe it just blew down) Never-the-less they’ll still be crazy as to what to do. Randy


  4. I was never that brave. My words would have been, “Trust me, my mom knows instantly when I’m up to something. I’m not going!” Great story, Lingeringvisions!


  5. I’m finding something disturbing about this, but I guess it’s just the over protective mum in me! I’m worried for them 🙂


  6. Dear Dawn,

    As soon as Jessica said, “Trust me.” Amanda should’ve run the other direction.
    Believable dialogue with just the right touch of apprehension. You left me worried about what these two are up to.




  7. Trust me is never a good sign. It is usually the way the one trying to do something they shouldn’t cons another into sharing the danger and likely the blame if something goes wrong, which in a movie like this always does. Will it be a horrific ending or just a case of getting busted by the parents?


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