Weekly Photo Challenge Fleeting

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge has been lumbering in my draft folder for days. Waiting on a fleeting moment? Well, yes, sort of. You see a few months ago news of the 17 year cicada swarming our area filled my newsfeed on just about every Internet site I frequent. We were ready for them but here in this sleepy little town of Strasburg the cicadas never showed. The town just 20 miles northwest of me has them, but only in their wooded areas. I’m not much of a wooded area kind of gal. The news of ticks keeps me at bay so to get cicada pictures was the biggest part of this challenge. Just when I was about to give up, I was rewarded.

Until I uploaded and began editing I really didn’t know what I had. Some of these are not that good because I had to crop so tight to get any definition and then I lost some resolution. Yes, I know I could have reached in my bag and got my telephoto lens but I didn’t.

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