Sunday Stills: Historical Sites

On September 18, 1793, President George Washington and a company of volunteer artillery from Alexandria crossed the Potomac River and joined with Masonic Lodge members from Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, known then as The Federal City. They led cheering spectators with music, drums, and colors flying, to the Capitol site. Here the U.S. Capitol cornerstone at the southeast corner of its foundation was laid by the president.

In November 1800, the U.S. Congress met in the first completed portion, the north wing.

The U.S. Capitol’s length, from north to south, is 751 feet 4 inches; its greatest width is 350 feet. Its height above the base line on the east front to the top of the Statue of Freedom is 288 feet.
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8 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Historical Sites

  1. Not to mention it was burned to the ground then rebuilt after the war of 1812. Great shots and welcome to Sunday Stills.
    just a note, I post the challenge on Sunday afternoon for the following Sunday..:-)


  2. Great shots of our nations capitol. I love visiting Washington D.C., but we never have enough time to see all that we want to see!! 🙂


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