The Day After

Last year on this day I wrote my first blog post (on another site that I have since abandoned). A lot has changed since then. A LOT!

The one thing has not changed and are the circumstances surrounding this journey. I insist on forging my own way; to write, to photograph, to create, and to express myself, in my own time, in my own voice, with my own visions, my father taught me that, inadvertently perhaps, but a lesson learned, nonetheless.

The name of my blog The Day After was originally just the name of my post.
It was the day after father’s day. In my confusion and given my rookie blogging status I fumbled through that first post. By the time I realized the name of my blog was The Day After I was too tired to change it.

Back at it the next day I decided it wasn’t such a bad name after all. My initial intentions were to take pictures and then blog about them the day after. It doesn’t always happen like that, in fact it rarely does but I like the name and what it symbolizes. most importantly I like where it came from; my dad.

Happy The Day After Father’s Day dad.
Love, Dawn

Dad and I, Father's Day 2011

Dad and I, Father’s Day 2011

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