Sunday Stills: Historical Sites- Morven Park, Leesburg Virginia

So it seems the last five weeks of participating in this challenge I have been doing it wrong.
All I can say is “Thank goodness!” I thought I was supposed to have the post out on for The Next Challenge on the day it came out, that very Sunday. Turns out Mr. Ed posts his challenge a week a head of time, duh.

So in order to catch up and fall in line I am posting another historical site. This is Morven Park where we toured a few weeks ago.

For more information on this challenge or to participate visit this week;s prompt Historical Sites

4 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Historical Sites- Morven Park, Leesburg Virginia

  1. It’s really hard to keep up with challenges when the people post them all kinds of times. The Friday Fictioneers challenge messed me up for quite a while because it comes out on Wednesday. I didn’t know if I was supposed to post a story before Friday, on Friday, or any time after Friday. If it technically began on Friday, one would expect the challenge to run from Friday to Friday. But then they started closing the link on the Tuesday after the challenge was issued — without telling us — so it was even more confusing. That made it sound like a “Wednesday Fictioneers” challenge to me. Finally I decided that if I couldn’t post a story for that one between Wednesday and Saturday, I’d just skip it.

    So don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. I love seeing your pictures whenever you post them.


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