As I Sat on the Bus #3: Michelle’s Ride Home

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I worked all night and I am eager to get home and to bed. My girls will be home in a few hours to begin their summer vacation and I hope to start it off with a little cook out. Nothing special, just some hot dogs on the hibachi grill. I’ll cook them on the front stoop of the apartment building since we don’t have a terrace. I picked up a few ears of corn yesterday and a watermelon is chilling in the fridge.

I’m pretty excited to be able to give them a treat like this. I feel bad Roxanne can’t go to the community college like she wants too. I know how she feels. There was a time I wanted that too. Now I know how my mother felt.

I wish I could do better by my girls, they are growing up so quickly. My baby is gonna be 15 soon, wow! How did that happen?

I wish they knew how much I loved them and how hard I try. I think I will call their daddy and ask him to come over later. If I explain how important it is to Roxanne maybe he will help out this time. I’ve got a bottle of Moscato I could chill. Maybe I better pick up another one.

This post is in response the writing challenge As I Sat on the Bus.

Michelle's Ride Home(w)

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    • Thank you, I am glad. I’m having fun with this. I’m developing characters, something i have really done little of before. I want to make this a continuing story but I don’t know where its going so I don’t know if I can. Still I thank you for providing this starting point. Next week you will meet the father, Ray.


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