Travel Theme: Sculpture ~ The FDR Memorial; Washington DC

This week travel theme from Where’s my Backpack has given me the perfect opportunity to post the pictures I took a few weeks ago at the FDR Memorial in Washington DC. I didn’t even know this memorial existed until the couple we were took us there. It was a hurry up visit because the sky was about to break loose and we wanted to get through it quickly. I don’t mind getting wet, of course, but my camera doesn’t care much for it.

I definitely want to go back. It’s an interesting memorial that sits on 7.5 acres depicting the 12 years of Roosevelt’s presidency and the history of our nation during that time.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
became president in 1933 during the midst of The Great Depression and was president until his death on April 12, 1945. WWII officially ended four months later on August 14, 1945; VJ day (Victory in Japan). As you might imagine his presidency was a very important one to our nation. He is ranked as our third greatest president behind Lincoln, and Washington.

His memorial is a testament to the time. It’s a somber display, no flowers, only greenery and water. The statues are bronze and have turned their predictable green. There are Roosevelt quotes inscribed at every turn.

Roosevelt contracted polio and was rendered paralyzed from the waist down at the age of 39. Despite diagnosis from doctors he insisted he was getting better and hid his affliction from the public. At the time a disability was seen as a weakness and would have hurt his political aspirations.

This memorial is a dedication to the spirit of people with many different disabilities. The entire complex was designed with the disabled in mind. It is 100% wheel chair accessible and there are Braille tablets inscribed on pillars for the sight impaired. And yet controversy looms. You can’t please everyone.

His wife, Eleanor is also here. This is the only presidential memorial in DC with the first lady in attendance, but Clinton doesn’t have one yet…(sorry I just had to say it).

Eleanor Roosevelt was a fine woman who was unhappily married. This might have been a good thing for the country because she worked tirelessly for human rights; civil right, women’s rights, and the rights of many less fortunate. Her work for the United Nations is what landed her a place of honor in this memorial but, in my opinion one of her quotes instead of her husband’s would have been more appropriate next to the sculpture depicting her. But, like I said, you can’t please everyone.

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  1. Great shots Dawn and you’ve captured them so well indeed! Great take on the theme hon. 😀 *hugs*


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