As I Sat on the Bus #4: Ray’s Ride

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Oh man it feels good to sit down in this air-conditioning. I don’t usually spend the money to take the bus home, especially on Fridays but Michelle left me a message to come to their place and have a little cook out.

I can’t believe my baby girl Roxanne is graduating this year and my sweet Sabrina will be 15; where does the time go?.

I know I ain’t done right by them girls, or their momma either. I swear I don’t mean to be such a piece of shit. I don’t know how it happens. I have every intention, every time of finally doing right. I love all three of them more than any other people in this world since my momma died but I always seem to end up hurting them.

I’m just a piece of shit. Maybe I will get off on Howard Street and have me one drink over at Mel’s. I’ll just have one, maybe two. Then I won’t be so nervous when I look them girls in the eye.


This post is in response the writing challenge As I Sat on the Bus.

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  1. Dawn, I didn’t see a link to your new story on Bumba’s site today. You may have posted it on another of his stories. I think he finally decided that we should post our link each week to his most recent story — but he doesn’t have a new one for this week yet. So I posted mine on his story from June 28. He said he’ll try to get one place set up so everyone will be sure and post at the same place. Just wanted you to know I didn’t see your link anywhere though.


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