Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

It may be sad to say that my most trusted companion is my camera but it’s true. I’m a single gal, going on 7 months now. I plan on being single for the rest of my life. I have great friends who are my companions on day trips, my most recent ex is included in that group.

I have a handsome funny son at home whose company I enjoy until we both retire to our own parts of the house. I have an awesome grandson who will be my companion this summer when we take a little mini vacation together.

But in between, during; before and after, my camera is right there. It’s riding along beside me in the car, dropped down in my handbag I bought especially to hold it when the camera bag becomes too cumbersome, and for the most part, in my hand and on my face. You can’t get much closer than that!



8 thoughts on “Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

  1. Stunning shot Dawn and who can ask for better companions than that hon. 😀
    Great entry for the challenge indeed! *hugs*


  2. My camera is my best friend too. I live alone and my camera keeps me company on my solitary journey.


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