WP Weekly Writing Challenge: Facebook

This week’s writing challenge begs the questions: Is Facebook a boon to our lives, connecting us, making us closer, or, has it gone too far?.

I’ve blogged about facebook before; most memorably in a post last year entitled Facebook Connects Me. I haven’t changed my mind much about facebook since. The connections I have made and kept are immeasurable.

This weekend I was with my niece and her family and we were talking about another family member that is on facebook as religiously as we are. My niece good naturedly made fun of her postings; talking about her constant updates. But I love those postings! It’s as if we talked every day. These are the things she would tell me if we had the chance to talk every day. True, I don’t get to hear her voice, per se. But I do! The way she writes I hear her personality; that laugh, the goofiness, it all comes through.

Facebook has its drawbacks, the privacy factor being one of them. I certainly believe that we should continue to fight for our privacies even though it seems a losing battle. But facebook isn’t the only culprit here, as we all know by the recent headlines.

Marketing is big business and being able to tell companies which products to advertise to which consumers is the biggest. It’s why we are laden with key chains full of “rewards cards”.

I’ve worked in the magazine binding business for over 30 years so I can tell you the desire to match the product to the potential customer is nothing new. Only the technology is new, and as I write this,someone somewhere has another new idea.

As consumers and citizens it’s up to us to use the tools we are given in the most advantageous and intelligent ways. And yes, facebook is a tool.

Facebook is also fun. Besides Words with Friends, which I am very addicted to, the camaraderie, joking, even the whining, amongst friends and family is just fun! Recently I had an ongoing joke about cherry pie and fried chicken. I won’t get into specifics, except to say it had nothing to do with Paula Deen. It was just a craving I was having. And so a few weeks ago on my birthday I finally got me that cherry pie! Okay, this might not make much sense to you unless we are friends on facebook. Yeah, it’s like that. 😉

By the way you can visit my facebook page here: Lingering Visions

Birthday dinner(w)

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