Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

I love when a challenge comes along that spurs me to blog about something I have meant to blog about anyway. This is exactly what happened when WordPress announced this weeks challenge, nostalgia.

I just celebrated another birthday last week and when that happens I always think of two very special people; my grandmother, and my cousin, Carol Ann. Carol Ann is just a tad older than me but her birthday is a day after mine so every year our grandmother would take us out shopping, together. We lived in the Maryland suburbs of DC but my grandmother was a DC native and always returned there for anything important.

We would go to lunch first. Sometimes (more when I got to pick) we went to The Big Boy or Burger Chef. A few times when it was not my choice we fared much better at places like The Tea Room in the Woodward & Lothrop, or The Georgetown Room in The Hecht Company on F Street in DC.

The trip downtown on a bus and eating out were always quite fun but the best part of these excursions was going home, cause I never did. After a full shopping day with Grandmother I would go to my cousin’s house for the rest of the weekend, sometimes longer.

There were 6 kids in the household, most of them older than me, which made them very cool and all of them were doting and attentive. I loved going there! They lived in this old house with a fantastic porch. A lot of the things that happened during those times shaped the person I am today. My love of fantastic porches and my belief that no home should be built without one is one of them.

My cousins and my aunt moved out of that house years ago but I always remember it fondly. When I saw this house, not far from my own, and the fantastic porch that surrounds it I remembered those days fondly, and planned to blog about it; eventually.

Eventually is finally here!

Carol Anns house(w)


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