Sunday Post: Urban Design ~ Old Town Winchester Virginia

When I saw this challenge from Jakesprinter I knew exactly which Urban Design I wanted to highlight. In the city closest to me, Winchester Virginia, they recently renovated the old walking mall. I liked the way it was before just fine but I am not one of those who fights change. Honestly they did more sprucing up than renovating. They added more flowers, lights, and waterfalls to give it a real old town downtown feel.

This was once the hub of the community but Urban sprawl, Wal-Mart, Costco, and Lowe’s have taken the businesses that once thrived here. So the community, like so many small communities across the country is remaking itself into an arts district. Restaurants, museums, art galleries, coffee shops, and music venues are now the mainstay of this community.

Our town is about to go through a major Urban Design renovation and all the naysayers are out in full force. 20 years ago pear trees were planted along King Street, the major thoroughfare through Strasburg and the complaints were vapid. Last week they cut many of those beautiful trees down and the same people cried “foul”.
Okay, I don’t really know it was the same people but they sound like the same ones.

“This is just Strasburg, why try to make it any more than it is?”
“People come from the city and want to change everything. If you don’t like our town go back to where you came from”.
“How much is THAT going to cost?!”
“I guess our taxes and water and sewer rates will go up to pay for that”

These are the editorial comments you read in the paper. You can exchange them for any decade you like.

I’m ready for a change. I say “Bring it!”.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Urban Design ~ Old Town Winchester Virginia

  1. I say the same : “People come from the city and want to change everything. If you don’t like our town go back to where you came from”. We also live in a small tourist environment and I hate seeing all the townhouses and their ugly roofs where the dam and bird sanctuary once was…and they are only doing it for money and don’t care about nature or the environment. I say if they want cities, let them go and build cities, but not here where we want peace and quiet. We moved here to have that peace and quiet and enjoy nature. Also the main reason why I didn’t do the challenge because I will only complain. 😀

    Great shots of a lovely town you live in Dawn. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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