As I Sat on the Bus #6: Roxanne’s Monday Interviews

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What a day! I had four interviews and I think they all went well. I was really nervous but I sat up straight and looked my interviewer directly in the eye just like my advisor Ms. Scott taught me. That was actually harder for me to do than I thought it would be. I knew it would be hard, I am really kind of shy but I had practiced so often in the mirror I really thought I had it down.

My first interview I almost looked away but I caught myself. I threw my shoulders back and answered the question honestly. The human resource lady was very kind. She knew I was nervous and on my first interview. She offered me a job in the mail room. She said she thought I would be a perfect fit because I wasn’t overly social and seemed like I would be a conscientious worker. I don’t know how she got all that from a few questions but she is absolutely right.

I’m right proud of myself to get offered a job so quickly. The others said they would call in a few weeks but I think I would like to work for a woman who is so kind and such a good judge of people. I think I can learn a lot from her. I told her I had to talk it over with my mother, not that I would, Momma can’t run her own life, I am sure as hell not trusting her with running mine. I think I will call after lunch tomorrow and accept the job. I don’t want to seem too eager but I don’t want her to get some other girl; not when I am a perfect fit.

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