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Welcome to Lingering Visions Lingering Look at Architecture title page. Every month on the 1st of the month I will post my own vision of the theme for that month. Use that post to tag your own for pingbacks and trackbacks or feel free to post your link in the comments. You can post as many or as few times as you like during the month but come the first day of the next month the new theme will be up.

To give you a head start I will tell you the themes ahead of time:

August is back to school, so show us your schools, elementary, secondary, and high school.

September we stay a long the same lines but want to see colleges and universities, which in my opinion has some of the most beautiful architecture around, or is that just in Virginia?.
And yes that was a dare! 😉

October is autumn in my neck of the woods and autumn means farmers markets. No farmers markets where you live that encompass architecture? Well then show us mom and pop shops; you know those quaint stores we love that are locally owned.

November is all about friends and family so show us their homes.

December is synonymous with the Christian Holiday, Christmas, showcase the churches in your neighborhood or those you have visited, or if you are like me, ones you have simply photographed.

January is all about staying home, so show us your home.

is a great time to showcase some of the old town looks and streets. With the trees bare you can see the wonderful details of the brownstones and townhouses crammed together so eloquently. But if you have pictures from June, that’s okay too 😉
If you don’t want to do homes, show us government, office buildings, post offices or banks, which also are often works of architectural art.

March: I basically live pay check to pay check so there is little room in my budget for great vacations. however I live in an area that is full of interesting art, history, and architecture; things I love. So at least twice a month I spend a day or two out exploring. Do you have pictures of historical architecture? How about pictures of the architecture from your last vacation? Even the hotel you stayed in can make for great architecture.

April makes me think of daffodils and jonquils and other yellow flowers. I love yellow flowers but I am also a little obsessed with yellow houses. Pick a color and show us your houses. White? Blue? Yellow? even Pink!

May Starts off the warmer months and it’s time to go exploring. This is when the views of forgotten buildings, abandoned asylums, and relics become more obvious; for an added twist, make them monotone.

June is my birthday month so as my present to you, pick your own favorite architecture and show it off. It can be one of the categories used before or something we missed.

July: I have over 600 pictures of barns so I can not have an architecture challenge and not include barns. I realize that not everyone everywhere has an opportunity to shoot barns so if you can’t, make it a shed, a garage, an outhouse; well you get the idea.

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